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Get familiar with the trails before you come to ride.  You can purchase the National Geographic Map from us for $11.00.  Give us a call and we will mail you one today.  


75 RV Spaces and 2 Cabins
All Spaces are pull-thrus that are 61 Feet Long and 34 Feet Wide
No rig is too big for us to accomodate! 
We have spaces that are 70 to 80 feet long
We have 5 back-in spaces that are 70 to 80 feet long 


All Rates are double occupancy and subject to extra fees & taxes for more than two people per site






RV with 30 or 50  Amp Service


(Last Night FREE)

(with Cash or Check)
(with a Credit Card)  Monthly Rate requires a Minimum 30 day stay

Call For Availability for Monthly Sites.  Rate is based on 2 people. Additional charge for extra people.  

Does not include Electric (Electric is metered separately)

Monthly Rate requires a minimum 30 day stay 

Our Cabins are set up for 2 Adults only (No Children) 
No Pets Allowed & No Smoking 
2 Night Minimum 


Plus Tax 


Extra Vehicles

A Day


(coin operated)



Store Your
Trailers & Motorhomes


Per Month





All Rates are based on 2 People

$5.00 each adult/$2.00 for kids per day


Dry Camping
(only available when all rv sites are full) 



Prices are subject to change without notice



DEPOSITS - Valid Credit Card Number required for reservation.  We accept Visa,  Master-card, Discover Card, Debit Cards, American Express and Cash (we offer a discount for cash).    A deposit equivalent to one nights rate may be required at the time the reservation is made.  For Holiday and Special Event reservations, a deposit equivalent to the minimum number of nights required to reserve for that weekend may be required.  Full payment may be required ahead of time for our Jamboree Event.


CANCELLATION POLICY -   7 Days cancellation notice.  For Holiday Weekends or weekends that we have special events going on, we have a   14 day cancellation policy.  On Holiday Weekends, cancellations made 14 days prior to your arrival can be cancelled with no charge.  If you cancel on or within 14 days of your arrival, your credit card will be charged for 3 days unless we can fill that space.  The Jamboree Event has a different cancellation policy.


CHECK-IN - Check-in time is 11:00 am,  unless other arrangements have been made with the office.  If you would like to check in early it is usually not a problem, please call us and we will arrange it for you.  

CHECK-OUT- Check-out time is 12:00 and dependent on reservations for incoming guests.  Ask if you can have a late check out and we can usually provide that for you.  

QUIET HOURS- 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.  Please do not expose your neighbors to excessive noise at any time.

DOGS - are permitted and welcome.  We ask that you Please remember, that your dogs are in a new and strange environment and it is a huge liability to bring your dog.   We know they are your babies, and no matter what you think you know, they will behave and react differently,  then at your home whether they are big dogs or small dogs. For everyone's safety, Dogs must be on a LEASH at all times, including when outside in your RV space and tied to something.  There is no exception.   People who do not bring dogs do not want your dog in their space.   Barking dogs are very annoying for everyone.  For everyone's enjoyment, you may not leave your dog outside tied up unattended or barking.  Dogs are NOT ALLOWED in or around our Office, Restrooms or on our Grass.  You must clean up after your dog and bags are available for your cleanup at our office. NO AGGRESSIVE dogs, big or small are allowed in our park.  If you are coming to our Park and bringing your dog, we then ask for everyone's enjoyment, including your own,  if you have a problem and don't like keeping your dog on a leash, please.... do not bring your dog to our park.  We do have an area where you can let your dogs run.  Please do not throw or leave your left over dog food on the ground when you leave, for us to pick up,  or there is a $50.00 charge to clean it up.  
CABINS - Our Cabins have King size beds, private bathroom, tv, coffee pot & coffee, small refrig, heating & a/c, sitting area, all the linen, towels and soap are included.  Our cabins are set up for 2 adults onl y.  No children, pets or smoking in our cabins.  2 Night minimum and a 3 night minimum on holidays weekends.  The Jamboree has a 5 night minimum.  Payment in full is required at the time of reserving on our cabins.

 SEWER CONNECTIONS - Sewer Hoses MUST have an Elbow/Sewer adapter Connection from your sewer hose to our sewer pipe.  You can not put your sewer hose down into our sewer pipe and leave it sitting in there exposed and open.  It creates the opportunity for everyone to smell the sewer and for spillage as well.   You must have the proper sealed connection.  There are no exceptions to this.  If you do not have a sewer adapter you can purchase one in our office.   This is a requirement by the Public Health Department.    


FIRE-PITS - We have several in the ground fire-pits around the perimeter of the property for your use to have a fire.   Lot of nights we get a fire going and everyone is welcome to come and sit by the fires.   No Wood Fires are allowed in our RV sites even in an above ground fire pit.  Only Propane Fire-Pits are allowed in your RV Space.  


BBQ's - Only Propane BBQ's are allowed.  NO charcoal BBQ's in the RV site.  We do provide charcoal BBQ's by our fire-pits for your convenience.  We will charge you to clean up your space if you have any type of BBQ and it leaves a mess on our gravel.


NO ATV WASHING, CARS or MOTOR-HOMES -  Washing your ATV's, SXS, motor-homes or trailers is not allowed (no exceptions)  in your site.  We have an SXS/ATV Wash area across from our office and there is a car wash located in town.  There is no maintenance on any vehicle allowed on our property, including but not limited to oil changes.


CABINS - Our cabins have a King size bed, private bathroom, tv, coffee pot & coffee, small refrigerator, heating & a/c, sitting area, all the linen, towels and soap are included.  2 night minimum and 3 night minimum on holiday weekends.  The Jamboree has a 5 night minimum.  We DO NOT allow any pets in our cabins and they are non-smoking cabins.  Payment is required in advance to reserve our cabins.  





All rates are based on two people per RV Site per day.  There is an additional charge per day for extra adults and children